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The hall is available to hire for £14 per hour.  


The hall at The Brizen Young People's Centre is approximately 34 feet by 18ft and is suitable for events of up to 50 people.  It includes a fully fitted kitchen for the serving of hot and cold drinks and for the heating of prepared foods. There is full disabled access and toilet facilities at the centre as well as plenty of free on-site parking.

The hall is ideal for children's parties (up to age 12), drama, music and dance classes, weight loss, keep fit, martial arts, toddler groups and business seminars.

Unfortunately, bouncy castles are not permitted inside the hall for safety reasons due to the low ceiling height.

Important Note: When you hire The Brizen Young People's Centre, you can use the outside facilities on the Brizen Recreation Field - but only as any other member of the public using this public space. Should you wish to have organised outdoor activities, e.g. a bouncy castle or an event on the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) on the Brizen Recreation Field, you must first seek formal permission from Cheltenham Borough Council. 

For further details and booking contact:

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